Vacationers of the hotel can enjoy the two nearby beaches: sandy and pebble treatment. Near the hotel "Atlantis" is a spring with mineral water, which is directly in the pump room, located next to comes water of high salinity. Mineral water with numerous healing properties and therapeutic mud in no way inferior to the famous European sources. Within walking distance of the hotel all important institutions of governance of the city – resort of Anapa. And having been in Anapa, how not to visit a monument of ancient Greek architecture, is listed as a World cultural heritage site by UNESCO, Museum "Gorgippia", Holy Monastery of the Orthodox Church, the Central concert hall of the city where are the traditional international festivals. We are confident that after visiting us You will want to come back to us again and again!

Hotel facilities

Sauna Finnish sauna is the aroma of the heated wood, it feels clean and pure inside and outside. The Finnish sauna is dry heat steam when the air has low humidity (10-25 %) and high temperature in the range of 80-100º. At such temperatures it is good to sit, to lie, to warm up the body. During the procedure You be favorable, but a very unusual condition. In an effort to reduce the temperature difference, the body is sweating intensely, conveying for cooling the surface of the skin a very large amount of liquid. With sweat from the body toxins and toxins. More effective than in the sauna, the toxins from the body does not withdraw. Warming up in the sauna has a positive effect on the nervous system and improves sleep. This is a great tool for weight loss.We invite You to relax in our sauna. We have you remove fatigue from the road or just have a great time with friends!
ROOM SERVICE Delivery of drinks and food in the room from 12:00 - 00:00
Internet High speed free WI-FI throughout the hotel.
Services Parking Parking in the Parking lot near the hotel.
Car Hire Car rentals have long been popular with visitors to the city-resort of Anapa. Using car rental service You have the opportunity to explore the city, its surroundings and other sights of Krasnodar territory at a convenient time for You. More details about the service on the website:
Tours We offer fascinating trips on various routes.
Festive decoration for any room 1.500 - champagne, chocolates, rose petals, candles.

Room amenities

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